Thursday, August 19, 2004

Yay! Bemidji!

I'm going to Bemidji this weekend! I am gonna play my didge all the time! Only a 9 more days till NBTSC! I am going to take some Balo pics tonight. Look for them tonight or tomorrow! Gotta go write a poem. Bye!

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Work, Computers, and other Ramblings

Wow! I have not written here for so long! I have been quite busy. I went to FGC and my birthday is in three days! I am gearing up for NBTSC. I can't wait! Balo is doing well, although I need to take more pics. Hopefully I will start "Balo: The Movie" when I get home from NBTSC. I am applying for my first job! I bought the DnD books (Finally) and am glad of that. Sadly I will not be having a birthday party this year. :-(
But, I am having cheesecake with my aunt and uncle and cousin! I love cheesecake.