Friday, May 28, 2004

Road Trip!

Yay! We're going on a trip to my uncle's over Memorial Day! This will be our first trip with our new car. Even better, my uncle doesn't know that we have a new car, so it will be a big surprise. We will probably see "Shrek 2" while we are there. I am bringing the camera and the camcorder. And Balo! I think I will get lots of pictures. I have added some new Balo pictures on They are pictures of Balo working to be a Bridge caddie. I will not write again for at least five days, while I am away. However, I will keep notes and post them when I get back.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Working Hard

Once again, I'm sorry for not posting, blah blah blah. Anyway, the journalism class that sparked this blog is finally over, which is ok. Found a way to make some easy cash. I'm caddying for a bridge tournament. $20 for three hours! Some of my friends are doing it too. I got another friend to start a blog. I'll probably take Balo and the camera to the tournament. I'm so sick of people dissing Balo. I'm not going to give names. You know who you are. The play ended, and we danced for 2 hours after the show. The cast party was annoying. We had it outside in a pavilion and it was raining the whole time. The temp was about 40f. Finally we had to retire to a nearby cast members house to watch the show on tape. Thankfully. I am so sick of the cold. And the rain. Did I mention the cold and rain? I've had a headache all weekend. I watched another movie, "Win a date with Tad Hamilton". It was the same old stuff. Girl likes guy, guy likes girl, other guy who has loved the girl for a long time and never told her gets left in the dust. And ends up winning in the end. I haven't been using seperate paragraphs. I think it's because my thoughs are so jumbled. So, naturally, my posts come out jumbled too. I want to write a fantasy book. I've been taking a break from fencing for a while. Did I reveal that I fence? I like it, except for the hulking guys. They can't quite figure out that it's a sport, not a medieval duel to the death. I fence foil. I got a new book, Summerland. Actually, I've been re-reading some of my books. A few days ago I read three books in a day. I like Magic the Gathering. But not as much as some people. I am a slow writer in real life. That is why I like the computer so much, because I can write so freely. However, this means that my habit of medieval capitalization must be kept under control. Medieval capitalization is capitalizing words that seem important to you in the middle of the sentence. Like this: "Susie Ran along the Field without a Care in the World."
Well, at least I used proper writing there, cutting off the row after the quotes. I think this is more than I have ever written before. (In one go)

Friday, May 21, 2004


Well, we finally got the new camcorder, a Canon ZR-70. It's pretty cool. It has lots of features, like fader and lights. Maybe I will be able to make a vlog sometime. We had our best show yet tonight. People are dissing Balo a lot. I heard of an interesting site today: More and more of my friends are getting blogs!

Busy as a Bee

Well, I'm getting backed up more and more. The play is moving at a breakneck pace, we have two more shows to go. I finally got some pictures of Balo at the play, and added them to Yesterday the play went well, except for a few accidents. The camcorder that we ordered will come sometime between today and tuesday. The writing class that promted me to start this blog is ending on monday, and I have to have a Piece de resistance then. I don't think I've posted this link before, but anyway, it's a pretty cool site: Game Garage

Monday, May 17, 2004

General Stuff

Well, we finally did buy a new car. It is a yellow 2004 Toyota Matrix. I think it is ok. I have been really stressed out. I have my grandparents over. (But they aren't the reason I'm stressed)
They are really cool. I am possibly going to the MOA soon. I have my class ending in a week. I'm sorry that I'm way behind on everything.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Sleep.....Must Have......More

Well, my sleep deprivation is finally catching up with me. I have not been posting as much as I would like. I was trying to post two posts every day, but now that's busted. I think I'll post some links. These are my favorite internet comics:
Fuzzy Knights
Penny Arcade
Anyway, I'm trying to get more Balo pictures, but things just keep coming up. The play last night went ok. The sound people didn't mess up once. I got a couple notes, but nothing serious. Overall, it was way better than the day before that.

Saturday, May 15, 2004


BZflag is a computer game. In short, Halo for Linux. You play a tank that can get cool upgrades like invisibility and guided missiles. There are thousands of terrain possibilities, and best of all a terrain generator so you can build your very own world. It is only multiplayer, but online there can be up to 40 players in one game. The tanks are different colors, which signify different teams. There are also Rogues, which are yellow tanks with no team. Even if you have a slow computer, you can change the settings so the graphics aren't as good. All in all, this is a suberb game, available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.
Check out the web page:
BZflag Homepage

Friday, May 14, 2004

Showtime, Part 4

Well, this was our mess up show. Everything that could go wrong did. The lights dimmed, the curtain broke (!), people forgot their lines, people forgot their props, but the audience still loved it. Afterwards, we went to Formal Night. I got engaged to mor than ten people. I had a grilled cheese sandwich and a poppyseed muffin. Zack and Lee and I sat together. I had some cool rings stocked up, and I used all of them but the coolest one (Which I like). We didn't leave until 12:30!

Political Activism For Kids

Last night I went to a talk for teenagers on how to become politically active even if you can't vote. The speaker was Mattie Weiss, who helped to write the book "How To Get Stupid White Men Out Of Office". She told us about helping to make changes by getting people in your community to vote, writing letters, giving talks, giving people voting registration cards at places where you hang out, and going door to door. There were about 20 homeschooling teens there. Most of us bought her book. We are planning to do some door to door stuff later this year.

Showtime, Part 3

Well, we have another show today. Afterwards we are going to a Perkins restaurant for a tradition called "Formal Night". This is where everybody dresses up nicely and we all go to Perkins. Then the strangeness begins. Everybody starts asking each other, "Will you marry me?"
If the answer is yes (Which it usually is), the questioner gives the questionee a ring, and goes on to the next person they want to ask. unlike real engagements, one can have as many as one wants. It's pretty cool.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Showtime, Part 2

Well, I'm back from the show. It wasn't bad for a first show. The auditorium was about half full, which means we didn't have to worry about making mistakes as much as normal. There was only one medium mistake in the whole 2 act, 20 scene show! I accidentally had a slip of the tongue once. Overall, it was an exellent show. I should probably say now that the show was "Tom Sawyer". A good friend of mine is Tom Sawyer in the play. We have another play tomorrow, and the next day, and then we get to rest untill next weekend.


Well, I am in a play.
And today is our first show. I'm kind of tense. It'll be easy to worry about lines, since almost everybody forgets their line at one point or another. Still I hope people will be joggled into professionalism by the audience. I am glad that I don't have much makeup. I have a fairly small part, and I have had nothing other than a fairly small part, since the directors always cast me that way. Even though I memorize my lines very well, as I have a good memory. Oh well, good luck and break a leg to all the other cast members.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Balo: The Sheep Behind The Myth

This is the true story of Balo, and the reason that I am posting this is so you can understand my screenname and photo.

Balo is the reason that I am so interested in sheep. I found Balo one day at a garage sale last summer. He was marked at costing 50 cents, but I offered the owners 16 cents, which was all I had. They accepted this and I took Balo home. He was unnamed at the time. Later, when I had been taking Latin for a while, I gave him his name, Balo, which means 'I Baa' in Latin. I began taking pictures of him soon after I got him, but then didn't photograph him for a long time. But, recently, I began taking pictures of him again. He became a sort of mascot for me, and I would take him to big events that I went to. Around this time, my dad found a free Internet service with lots of space. So, I decided to put my whole collection of pictures on it, under the name I have photographed him at sleepovers, at conferences, at fairs, in my home, in my yard, and up trees. At almost all times I have a few pictures waiting to be uploaded. I like thinking of new ways to photograph him. However, a short time ago I decided to try and make a comic based on him. And I also decided that he needed a companion. I though that it should be a bear about his size, well stuffed, and easily posable. But, because my stuffed animal supplies are not nearly as prodigious as I would like, I cannot find one. So, now I am looking around for a bear of that description. If anyone who reads this has one that they wish to trade or sell, I would be very grateful if they could email me at
Also, if anyone has any adventuring gear that is bear or sheep-sized, please see above.


Every September, an amazing thing happens. Not Back To School Camp! It is a weeklong camp for homeschooled teens, and I am finally going this year. There are almost no rules at all, and you can stay up as late as you want! It's in Oregon, and is near the sea in a beautiful wooded camp. I will be 14 by the time I go. I am already in touch with some of the teens through IRC, and it seemes like all of them are really nice. They also have a cool wiki on their page. For more information, see:

Community Website

Tuesday, May 11, 2004


My parents are consirdering buying a new car. As usual, no one bothers to ask me. They are looking at SUVs. I am a pretty lax person, but SUVs have very little point in my opinion. First, we live in a city. We are not going to need eight bazillion horsepower to get around. Second, they take up so much space, and yet rarely seat more than five. Their gas milage is low, they often make me carsick, and statistically, they are some of the most unsafe cars, despite all the manufacturers do to reassure us. I hope they will not buy an SUV, but if they do, I will definately have something to say about it.


Wow, I am officially corrected in my latin. someone commented on my poor use of latin. at least they liked the poem.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Night Owl

Yes, I admit it, I'm a night owl. I so love being up late, and I do my best thinking at night. My writing becomes more prolific (Although not necessarily better!). I become more active and move faster. I also love sleeping late. For me, one of the best feelings in the world is waking up and realizing I don't have to get up, and then turning over and going back to sleep.


What do you think about Internet advertisements? Are they nessesary for free stuff?
Could the free web pages survive with the same quality if they didn't have ads?
Do you think ads can do good? Do you realize how late it is at the time I am writing this? :-)

Solaris: Movie, or Pile of Dung?

Solaris is a movie about space, aliens, and, in the words of one of the characters, "Weird s***".
The story starts as the main character goes up into space to investegate strange happenings on a space station circling the sun/planet "Solaris". Up there he finds that each crew member has an alien visitor that is a copy of a dead loved one. The main character soon finds his wife(who commited suicide), and kills her by sending her out in space. She comes back and finds out that he killed her past self, then drinks acid and dies. Unfortunately, she is an alien, so she comes back by regenerating herself. At this point I was in so much pain that I stopped watching. I will continue this review in a few days.

Arby's Food and Corporations in General

Today I ate Arby's food for the first time in a while. Arby's is one of those corporations that get no press at all, neither good nor bad. So, they are effectively hidden from public view. Few people know how they make their food or whether they cheat on their taxes. This is kind of scary to me. With a company that's small enough to avoid the media but large enough to be unethical. They could be worse than Mcdonalds for all I know. So next time you go to Arby's, please keep an eye out for corporate info. Even a lying brochure is better than nothing.

As for the food, the curly fries are probably the best. Even though they are not all that hot, they are really tasty with or without ketchup. I had a #2 combo, which is sort of a chicken burger. It was fairly small, and not at all hot. the chicken patty was just crunchy enough to be annoying, and the sauce was almost nonexistent. The pop, even when taken from the tap, was lukewarm and unfizzy. I'll stick to Culvers.

First post!

Well, this is my first post. yippi! I'm diving into the world of blogging headfirst. Balo is a stuffed sheep that is my alias for everything. I'm a skater, rocker, writer, and liker of pink! Today it is cool and wet, as a tornado came within about 20 miles of us. I am homeschooled, and love it. Someday I will be a cetologist. Until then, I'm just a normal 13 year old kid. Vale!


This is the story so far: I started this page for a class on blogging,
but it has become far more than that. I will post here as much as possible,
and that will probably be almost every day. My other websites are: