Saturday, April 29, 2006

Save The Internet

No kidding. In Congress, as of now, there is a bill being pushed to effectively end Network Neutrality. Net Neutrality is, to borrow a phrase from, "The First Amendment" of the Internet, ensuring that giant companies like AT&T and Verizon can't restrict your access to some websites. Without this, any sites they don't like will load slower, or not at all. Therefore, this would end the Internet as we know it, changing the greatest free speech mechanism the world has ever seen into little more than a corporate pigsty. I do not believe this dire threat can be ignored. But there is hope. On Capitol Hill, more than 1,500 bloggers have spoken out, and for the first time, Congress is listening. (Source:, a Common Dreams news article.) by going to, you can sign their petition to let your congressmen and -women know what you think of the COPE Act (Which effectively reduces Net Neutrality to a meaningless hinderance). The fate of the Internet is in your hands.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Say no to Midi (At least on your Homepage)

What is your problem, sir? I ask you, as you seem to have an inordinately large one. I have arrived at your webpage, seeking only information, to find... Midi. What stain on your soul is so great that you feel the need to defile the already-polluted internet with 8-bit, terminally annoying music? Sir, I ask only out of compassion. I cannot imagine the horror of what has been done to you. The way you send faux-piano Midi music winging through my speakers, is, I believe, a cry for help. May I assist you in overcoming this illness? Perhaps by beating you repeatedly over your head with this keyboard. Why, I'd do that until my arms are sore, just for you. That's how much pity I have for you. I would find out where you live, drive there, beat the stuffing out of you with a shovel, and then hide your body in the sewer, all on my own time, all for you. So now I ask this: How may I help you?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Podcast is here!

So, in a fit of activity, my dreams of podcasting were realized last night when Jesse and I, in a fit of boredom, created a podcast on my Ipod (with the iTalk attachment I bought with my Christmas money!), set up a website, and proceeded to forever immortalize our voices. And Arlo's. We sent the url to lots of our friends, and everybody likes it, despite what we thought was terrible quality. The website is

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Quizilla, yay!

So, today, being bored, I decided to go and visit a rather interesting website, Anyone who wants can sign up and make quizzes. I too a couple, and check them out:

This one was called, "What color is your soul"

Your soul is White! You are very different and you
love it. You always have a different way of
looking at things and like to think rather than
talk. You're anything but predictable. Some
people see you as cold, but that's only because
they don't know you. You tend to hide your true
self, even from your family and friends. You
may seem emotionless, but you actually feel
more than most do. You just hide it.

People are drawn to:
your mysterious aura

People are pushed away by:
your cold exterior

"When life gives you lemons, make grape juice,
then sit back and let the world wonder how you
did it."

"I'd much rather be hated for who I am, than
loved for who I am not."

What colour is your soul? - anime pics
brought to you by Quizilla

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Posting again, verily

W00t! Hello again, faithful nonexistent readers, I am back with news of joy. SCHOOL's OUT!!!! Well, considering I am a homeschooler, I guess "home's out" would work better. Nonetheless, I am finished with all my classes, except for my Biology test. (Hella hard, by the way) I am gonna quit fencing for the summer :-( but I will keep unicycling. Still listening to my Ipod, waiting for IpodLinux to make a version that works with 4G Ipods. The DnD group has shrunk, as I expected, and now only 5 people are showing up with any regularity. I have to go to fencing really soon, so I'm off again.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

New Group

Hey all you nonexistent readers of my blog. I haven't posted in like a gazillion years. (Actually, I did try to post a really long and insightful musing but then the stupid blogger thingy logged me out automatically. Grrr) Anyhoo, Lot's of new stuff has been going on. First of all, I saved up a ton of money and bought myself a new 20gb Ipod!! I love it! I have 330 songs right now (I would have more but my computer is pretty incompatible), including four Beatles albums and the best of Three Dog Night. I just got a new case for it, and I listen to it every day. I also found out about podcasting, which is a cool new phenomenon. People make their own radio shows, and then post them on the net to be downloaded onto your Ipod, to be listened to whenever you want. I really want to do one, but I don't even have a half-decent microphone. So, in conclusion, Ipods really rule. All you people who don't like them, I respect your opinion, but STRONGLY disagree.

Now, for the bad (or not-so-good) news. I got upper braces and a retainer 10 days ago. They pretty much suck. For the first few days the retainer hurt so bad I could barely talk, but then I went back into the orthodontics office and they cut it down. I still have trouble eating hard foods. (plus, there are tons of different kinds of stuff I can't eat) But now I'm living with them. I have to brush four times a day and floss at least once. I also have to brush my retainer. Interestingly, two of my friends got braces at the same time I did.

I got Sea-Monkeys recently. I love them. I have this one big one that has horns half the length of his body. I named him Rhino. It is fun to watch them swim around. I also found a Sea-Monkey song on the Itunes music store. So that's another happy thing.(and also random)

I also started playing in a new DnD group! It currently has seven members and usually about four show up. I almost always do. It is pretty fun. Our characters are so cheap that they can survive nearly anything. I did some pretty weird stuff. I found a gigantic weasel, nearly killed it, and convinced it to be my friend. Talk about messed up.

All my classes (Latin, Greek, Biology, Algebra) have started up again from winter break. I also have a new class, Quakerism 101. I am one of only three teens in the 45 person class. The class is ok, but has a lot of reading every week. Combined with all my other classes it's nearly overwhelming. But I have Biology off this week, yay!

I found a new (to me) online game called “Runescape”. It is an graphical RPG which is free. I only play it sometimes, but there are about 70,000 users on at any given time! I suggest checking it out, unless you have dial-up:

I have been so busy that I have not been able to take any Balo pictures!! Hopefully I will get some soon. However, I can tell you that Violet the bunny in some of the most recent pictures will be featured more.

A new cafe opened quite near us. It is called Blondie's, and it is incredible! They have amazingly good food!! We (my brother and I) also are some of their most frequent customers. We bring all our friends there, and sometimes they give us discounts! We went there yesterday and today, and today we even got to see where they make the food (such as seven-layer bars, and blondies) a little bit! It is the best cafe in the world.

I have not posted for so long, so I don't know if I already said this, but I have a job! I work at a supermarket, as a bagger and stocker. I have worked for 5 months, and so far it rules! Yesterday one of the workers I know found some damaged (but not broken) cake frosting. So, out of the blue, he just decided to bake a two cakes! They tasted really good.

Ok, I highly doubt that anyone reads this, and they probably won't read the whole thing anyway, so, adieu until next time! I am off to bed!!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Yay! Bemidji!

I'm going to Bemidji this weekend! I am gonna play my didge all the time! Only a 9 more days till NBTSC! I am going to take some Balo pics tonight. Look for them tonight or tomorrow! Gotta go write a poem. Bye!